8:00 A.M. Eastern Time - (7:00 - Central Time) - Every Saturday - UOS

You Are Cordially Invited


Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/334520959

 Or join by phone:     +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 334 520 959

International numbers available:  https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=I2hukmLoW_j8preWCRbplglk15A6n99c

Note: If you are using the zoom app on your pc, laptop or smart device, be sure to upgrade your zoom software on a weekly basis. Also, once you are signed in please mute yourself after you are greeted. The host will unmute everybody five minutes before the call starts in order to allow us to greet one another. If you are muted after the call starts, The host will unmute you when you raise your hand, or called upon.  

Please mute or turn off your mobile devices before the call and enjoy uninterrupted fellowship. We only have one hour a week together. 


  1. For the protection of the participants and the integrity of this call, please adhere to the following protocols.
  2. Please do not use this venue and platform to garner support, curry favor or promote events without our consent.
  3. This call is about connecting, collaborating and cooperating with one another in the ongoing work of the ministry, as well as the marketplace.
  4. What is Holy Spirit saying to you Today?
  5. Most of the people on this call are on fb and you can befriend and get to know them better if you wish.
  6. All of my music and printed material is available to the international community for FREE! (Upon Request)  www.akapropublications.com
  7. All I ask is, if I FREELY give it to you, that you would be so kind as to put it before five of your friends or family members. www.about.me/blh


(423) 367-4467



Send any amount to; WERONE